Valley Veterinary Hospital, PC

1191 Ken Pratt Boulevard
Longmont, CO 80501


We are proud to now offer home delivery of prescription medications, supplements, support products and Hills Pet Nutrition products. Click on the link below to be directed to the online store.

Valley Veterinary Hospital is a well-established, full service small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care for your pet. We have both North and South office locations for your convenience.

         Our Services at a Glance                                                                   

    ·         Well and Preventative Pet Care

    ·        General and Specialized Surgeries

    ·         Dentistry

    ·        In-house Diagnostic Services Including blood work, x-ray and ultrasound

    ·        Emergency and Critical Care

    ·        Internal Medicine

    ·        Pain Management

    ·        Professional grooming

    ·        Laser Therapy



February is National Pet Dental Health Month...

Dental disease is a very serious problem with many of our pets and can lead to other, very serious, systemic and organ diseases. Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month with us as we offer 10% off the cost of a dental cleaning for your furry feline or canine companion during the month of February. Click here for more information on dental disease and the importance of good dental hygiene for your pet. 

Receive an additional 5% discount by mentioning this posting when you call to schedule a dental cleaning for your pet              

This discount applies to the cost of the anesthesia and the dental cleaning and polishing only. It does not apply to the pre-anesthetic blood work, extractions, dental treatments or medications if necessary. Discount cannot be combined with other discounts and is not transferrable or retroactive

DON'T EVER.........

Don't ever be too shy to call or stop by to ask a question about your pet, especially if you have a concern.  

We're always more than happy to answer any questions you may have or teach you what we know. There's no such thing as a silly question. The more we know, the happier and healthier our furry kids are.